A test entry of google system…

A test entry of the 2007 Summer of the Road Trip

Using Google docs to create a post and Picassa to host images it should be possible to make a fairly nice looking blog entry from a simple work station.

Command Central…

Things to remember:
1. Edit and paste all links in html mode.
Otherwise characters like “< " get converted to their ascii equivilants and thus make the link non-operable. 2. The doc name is the first line of the entry. 3. So far no post titles. You should probably bold the first line to compensate.
Note: Post titles work when using MetaWeblog API, but the post times don’t. It seems to set the post at a later time relative to Greenwich

Google Docs

Google Docs & You!

Apparently you can publish straight to your blog from Google Docs if you have the correct API. More and more I’m liking the Google collaborative thing. Now if only they don’t turn into another Microsoft… sigh.