Summer Breeze…

…makes me feel fine…

I am currently working on chartering this:

Although due to availability, I may have to charter this:
If all goes well Zak and I will study for our Day Skipper/Operator Certificate this spring and in August we’ll spend 4 days aboard learning the practical stuff. Hopefully then followed by a couple of days on the water by lonesome.

(note: the original picture of Naughty Doc —the second picture — was a link and disappeared so I have relinked it to the same boat now named Mazu V)

Borrowed Verse

Not mine, but still it’s always resonated with me…

Well it’s 40 below and I don’t give a fuck,
got a heater in my truck and I’m off to the Rodeo,

Well it’s an alaman right and an alaman left,
come on ya fuckin’ dummy get your right step right,
get off the stage ya God damn goof ya know,
you piss me off,
you fuckin’ jerk,
ya get on my nerves

Here comes Johnny with his pecker in his hand
He’s a one ball man and he’s off to the rodeo…
-Gaye DeLorme

Google Calendar

Apparently you can embed your calendar on a web page…hmmm
According to the code it uses an iframe to put the actual calendar from google.

This one is actually one of my work calendars from iCal that google calendar subscribes to that I’ve in turn posted here…

by Request

People ask me
Enquire and nag,
Why and when
and what they rag.

You should, I will
I think, I say
I know, I am
That is, this way.

Create and solve
Repair, be quick,
Not that, like this
My god… you d___!

So now I write a verse or two,
and dedicate it to you know who.
Unlike the others who choose to demand,
She hints, she hugs and holds my hand.

On occasion of talents being noticed