Flash and My Yard

A quick rerspective in flash of my yard from the last 6 years. I was toying with iPhoto and SWF ‘n Slide. It actually is as easy as dragging the images from iPhoto into SWF ‘n Slide, setting the preferences and exporting. It even exports an html page so you can rip off the code to embed it in your website.

[edit]As you can see it seems to screw up firefox on a pc. I’m working to strip down the embed code and see if it clarifies things…[end edit]

[edit November 20/06]Fixed it… seems it had something to do with the line breaks in the code.
It works fine if there are no line breaks…sigh[end edit]

Bit Torrent & Studio 60

I missed the season’s premier of Aaron Sorkin’s new show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip because, well frankly I forgot the Aaron Sorkin had a new show. So a few nights a go as the second episode was about to air I thought to myself ” hmmm, there’s gotta be away…”

I checked out nbc.com and lo and behold they actually had it available on line… e xcept in my area…sigh. I’m assuming its one of those Canada – U.S. things that prevents us from getting tv shows and movies from iTunes. But it did mean that the files were available and that someone, somewhere must have been clever enough to download them.

A quick google and… voila.

It seems there was a torrent file out there. I’ve never used a torrent client before having pretty much given up my software stealing ways and becoming addicted to iTunes for music downloads. Nevertheless about 10 minutes later I was busy downloading the stream on my PC and approximately 1 hour later I was watching the .avi file full screen on my iMac using VLC (as Quicktime player wouldn’t work). Meanwhile I set up the PC (an HP tv convertor and Windows Media edition) to record the the next episode just in case I didn’t get finished with episode 1. As it happened I finished the first episode about 10 minutes before the second one came on the air.

The point… we really are living in an on-demand culture!

Lunch Break

Editor’s rules and Academician’s phrases
Excrutiating preciseness and linguistic mazes

Excavating Problematics and Laterally Recumbant
Add Practioner Discussants and my mind is so bent

I c u, but can u c me 2?
Language is meaning: let the ^%$*# meaning shine through!

At work after C tried to hyphenate Johnny-Appleseed Syndrome


So the other morning I was at the Virg with Gail and Leslie and I decided to try out this new route that had yet to be rated. The first 3 or 4 moves where a bit technical but not too crimpy so I roped up and flashed it. When I came down I said ” uhh high 9 maybe a low 10″. Gail tried it next and without my reach couldn’t quite get through the “easy” spots and since it was the end of the evening she bailed.

Leslie came home Monday night and said it was now rated 5.11. I scoffed. Last night I showed up and sure enough if was marked a 5.11. Me… flash an 11? I mentioned it to a Scott and Nigel and Scott confirmed it and Nigel then gave it a try. As a result they downgraded it to 5.11-. Whatever… they oughta know so… my first 5.11 and I flashed it…

Oh yeah… kudos to Geoff who set the route: my new hero!

Scott working his way up Pnuemothorax (5.11c) last summer…

While Nigel rests for a moment after the crux of Rat Roof (5.11c) earlier this spring:


Even if I had a brain
The calculation would make me insane

Suffer the death of a million bytes
Confounded by the blinking lights

Only the hopeful attempt the repair
The rest of us just accept despair

Damn I love this maddening box
Eating time and ignoring clocks

Sitting wasting time