Samba printing

Enable Samba printer sharing in System Preferences by clicking Sharing → Windows File Sharing. If you upgrade your MacOS version, check to see that Windows File Sharing is still enabled. Caution: if your network is not behind a firewall blocking ports 137 and 139, and you haven’t limited access in /etc/smb.conf, enabling Samba could share your printers and files with the world.

One user has reported that with some versions of MS-Windows he needed a user account on the Mac for each user on the PCs in the network, with the exact name (including capitalization) and password as used on the PCs.

On the ms-windows PCs on your network:

* Go to Network Neighborhood and click on the name of the Mac. You should see an entry for printers and separate entries for each printer you are sharing from the Mac.
* Click on the printer you want to configure.
* In the pop-up, supply the driver to use: if the Mac printer is b/w, use Apple Laserwriter; for a color printer use Apple Color Laserwriter. You may have to insert your system disk or give the path to the printer drivers for ms-windows to find the driver.
* Click OK or Add or whatever your version of ms-windows uses to add a new printer.

I know: you probably don’t have an Apple Laserwriter. You still want to use the Apple Laserwriter drivers. The goal is to send proper Postscript to the Mac, which CUPS and the gimp-print drivers on the Mac will translate to the codes your printer understands. Microsoft drivers are notorious for non-portable Postscript, but the Apple Laserwriter drivers work.

You should now be able to print from the PC to the printer on the Mac.