Not so hard drives

Since I basically pillaged Zak’s PC to get mine up and running, he is left without access to his files. So I had him transfer the HD to the external case and copied what he needed via USB 1 (with the requisite error messages about the wrong port speed). Then for kicks I plugged it into the iMac via firewire and lo and behold it mounted right up and the files where there for all to see…

We are a VERY long way from MacLink

Post Mortem

Went climbing the other day and after a month off, I sucked! I died really quick trying to do routes I had already mastered. Mind you L wasn’t any better off. Zak was the only one who seemed to be on the ball and that’s cause he’s been climbing every week.

So I placed 6 overall at the Rip ‘n Grip series… I went back Wednesday and nailed 18 on the first try… sigh. I’m still sick… I even went back to a Doctor (groan) and she said allergies… I say crock but what the hell… I’ll take her drugs. Spring Gardening went to press today, now we only have to get WGH III out the door sometime before hell freezes over.

Random Image of the Day
Setting up a top rope at Kootenay Plains

Rip ‘n

Final night of the Rip ‘n Grip last night, and I did better than I thought I would after not climbing for 3 weeks and just recovering from bronchitis. I nailed 1-15 and 17 and after a few tries got 16. This takes me one higher than previously attained.

I tried all 10 attempts on 18 and finally figured out the middle. But by that time my hands were wasted and I ran out of tries. I’m pretty sure I will get it later when we go back.

Random Image of the day
Me working on a Rip ‘n Grip route almost exactly a year ago…