Burn Out

So I’m sick… I stay home to work… I clean my desk (take apart the computers etc.)… I put everything back together… the PC has intermittent fan problems and keeps overheating and shutting down. Then I move to Ruby (the slot loading iMac) and it won’t power up…wiggle the power cable… wiggle the cable some more… wiggle the cable one more time and poof…a flash of smoke and light and no more Ruby.

indexhero20051011.jpg Well at least I got a new computer out of it! Of course this means reinstalling everything again and since I made the move from 10.3 Server to 10.4 I couldn’t just copy over the files.

So I reconfigured the existing apache, installed Mysql 5.o.13 and PHP 4.3.11( I got the package from Marc Liyanage’s website and it worked slick) and fought the permissions to copy the old databases over (oh, I bought a firewire case for Ruby’s HD… makes it so much easier). It was a matter of shutting down MySql copying the databases, changing the owners to mysql and the permissions to rw. I fought with the sequence quite awhile and kept forgetting about the folder permissions.

Now I’m working on getting Imagemagick up and running. I’ve installed the package but I think I need to reconfigure the plugin again.

I also installed SharePoints which I highly recommend. It mimicks the GUI from OSX Server and allows you to easily set AFP and SMB permissions on non-server versions of OS X. I’ve got the shares set up again and it seems to be working pretty slick.

That’s it for now…still sick

Camera Phone

This is an image from Bill’s Camera phone… resized to 480px using a droplet in ImageReady and uploaded via the upload function in WordPress. The next step is to install ImageMagick on the Xserve and try this again with Image Manager plugin on enjoygardening.com

Rip and Grip 2

Rip and Grip November is over and I placed 5th in the intermediate again. Actaully I tied for 4th but Nemesis Dan Racette beat me in R & G October so he’s ahead…

Rip & Grip
Big Rocker
Troy Grinde
Jacob Waughtal
Miles Adamson
Dan Racette
Bruce Keith

I seem to have a block for problem 17 but I’ll try it again on Wednesday and I bet I get it. Totally pumped and I hated the hold that kept knocking me off.

L on the other hand seems to be on a role and is just rippin’ and grippin’. Zak and I better watch out or we will find ourselves with the possibility of looking old and boring. I beat Peggy P’s effort on one route (I think it was 14) but man is she graceful… she made it look much easier than I ever could. I wanged away at 18 for a while but I couldn’t get past the 3rd move. Zak’s.

If you’ve no idea what this is all about you can check out last year’s comps here. Look close and you’ll see L and maybe even Zak’s toque.

Grrrrrrr… ip?

ImageMagick and more…

This on the other hand is an image uploaded and resized using the below software.

I had to reconvert the image as the original file was not resized but just resized on the fly witht the html. It seems I had no idea where ImageMagick’s binaries resided… They are in /sw/bin/ FYI. It looks like the installation is done and it works. It remains to be seen if I can do the same thing on the XServe at work…