So I screwed Blojsom by trying to make some room on the server. Something to do with JBOSS or Tomcat. Rather than fix it, I’m now moving back to WordPress. I’ve been using it at work and I like the flexibility.

I solved the multiple blog thing by the simplest means possible…googling it. If you install multiple copies in different directories and then make separate mysql databases then it works just fine. Witness Zak’s Blog!

Now I’ve got to rebuild the templates but it should be easier the second time.


Where O’ Where…

Finally found the pesky flat files for Blojsom. They reside in /private/var/root/blojsom-blogs/ I found them by resorting to opening the properties files one-by-one. The clue came from blojsom.properties of course.

What is interesting is I can’t go to this directory without logging in as root (su) and then when I do it shows me as being in ~/blojsom-blogs root#

I have no idea…