Light filtered through glass
Pure energy given freely
Creator of colour
Messenger of truth
Nemesis of time

I can never live in the dark
Where light is
And there is not — where light is not

Filtered, focused pure power
Cathedrals of light of colour of space
Truth and reflection are found in this constant.


Open / closed
truth / fear
compassion shown / compassion hidden
Cyclical/ cycles
circles — of love — of life — a silver band

Newness — exploration     gives way to
excitement — joy   suborned by

A loss–of self–confidence–a centre

Everything revolves, spins, twisting to cosmic
universal — orbital mechanics — spatial physics

Then can be no circle without centre
Circles bring pain/love fear/desire exquisite anguish
My centre — Yours
intersection/orbital stability

Circle — in a sphere — they are infinite