Static in Webs of Our Own Devise

Logic Dictates
Emotion flows
Desire abates
laughter equals woes

Tragic events
Comedy conflicts
Should life prevent
Does addiction addict

Everyone is all
Anything am I
I’d rather have a ball
Than live in the mire which is this incomprehensible jumble of emotion snake oil which is easily peddled but indigestible by more delicate stomachs. But Hey! Delicacies are not necessarily sought after, especially the intestinal type. But rather the plethora of platitudes than the dirth of digressions. Speaking of which — does discourse desist in dictation? — egression from our souls constitutes a violation of sacred unity with the trinity and such can result in legal action and charges of abandonment. Meaning cannot encompass the total and overall understanding needed to envision the concept of definitions. The synonymous use of meaning and definition can only result in in tragic, classical or neo-classical, and equally predictable results. Should this therefore and evermore result in the abandonment of meaning in our existence or rather an elevation of pseudo-scientific terminology to a previously unconceived plateau from which will descend definition of our, and hopefully others’, universe? Poetry in Prose: Degraded Discourse?