This is a short (15 minutes or so) video of one fellows logo design process. What I find interesting is his process which mirrors mine fairly closely — although I will admit to often skipping the sketching much to my detriment. In regards to process I am almost entirely self-taught. My career paralleled the development of the computers and software, often starting with version 1; such was the case with Pagemaker, CorelDraw, Aldus Freehand and InDesign. THe result was, other than the occasional magazine article or coffee discussion with co workers, we all made our own way when it came to deciding how best to use the tools that were being developed.

So, if you ever wonder how I go about doing logos or wordmarks, watch this video. I have tons of files with multiple copy and pasted versions sitting disjointedly on the desktop. I don’t keep a sketchbook though… I tend to just doodle on whatever is at hand; maybe I should get one…

Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge from on Vimeo.

I Fold…

Pages 6-7

The big cheese had some specific ideas on what she wanted for graphics on this article but we still couldn’t find the hook. Hell we still couldn’t nail the title. And her initial ideas were a bit beyond our photographic or photoshop skills. So I started playing with ideas of folding boundaries and was reminded of those old Mad Magazine folding covers where you folded the image to reveal a hidden image. A few quick tutorials and some down and dirty photoshopping later and I sent her this:

folded leaflet white blank paper template book

Unfortunately the concept didn’t shine through, I doubted my ability to get it where it needed to be and the whole thing went over like a lead balloon. Still, I kept browsing the templates on and muttering to myself. Eventually I found a folded piece of paper on a different angle and remembered the aerials that Brenda and I had taken last year on our little helicopter ride around the city. Maybe there was something of S. Albert and region there…

Nope. But there was this one of south Edmonton which was close enough in my books.

IMG_0283 fold

So now all I had to do was fold the image into the shape of my paper template, add highlight and shadows and I would be golden. Photoshop now has this awesome tool called Perspective Warp. Essentially you can just lay out a grid (or series of grids in this case) and then use the grid points to reshape the image as necessary. I used the folded image I had downloaded as my base for getting the right geometry and perspective.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.54.31 PM


Then it was a matter of studying the light and determining how to add highlights. At this point I deviated from the template and decided to go for a highlight in the center panel rather than a shadow. So I traced the outline of that panel with the Polygonal Lasso Tool, then made a new layer and filled the selection with white. Then I dropped the layer transparency down until I got the feel I wanted (it was around 17%). This had the added benefit of creating the illusion of actual folds.

IMG_0283 whiteIMG_0283 trans

At this point I turned off the bottom template layer. and added a new layer below everything. Once again I traced out a square shape with the Lasso and this time I filled it with black. Then I applied a pretty big Gaussian Blur (a standard Photoshop filter) to the layer, trying a whole bunch of settings until I got the effect I wanted.

shadowIMG_0283 final

Then it was simply a matter of turning back on all the appropriate layers and seeing what I had. The black shadow was way too prominent, giving the whole thing a hokey feel so I kept dropping the transparency on that layer until it felt a lot more subtle: around 41%. And that was that. The image got turned a bit in the final layout but since it was the only  object on the page the light and shadow would work at pretty much any angle. By crossing the gutter with the image and overlaying type on parts of the it the whole spread gained dimensionality. A pull quote was used to balance the image and the spread was done.

Oh and somewhere in there I pitched the idea as the landscape being flexible, and the final title was also settled. A good days work.

IMG_0283 final2


I did a lot of ads for this issue of the magazine. One of my favourites was for Toast, a new breakfast and lunch place opening soon (February) in St Albert. My first few concepts for Rob were without any real direction—no logo, no website, no nothing—and he hated them. He’s still too polite to say that, but he did. He’ll get over the politeness thing eventually.

Toast-fail 2  Toast-fail

I didn’t love them, but still kinda liked the way they were going.

After Rob finally coughed up the logo I took a whole different tack and came up with a few variations that everyone liked. This is the one we settled on.

Toast-quarter-vert finalb copy

I like it. And it makes me want to go there so…


Final Bunny Round Up

I’ll be off on my sailing adventure in a few days and so it spells the end of the great bunny experiment. I will continue on for the rest of the week and then we will have to wait and see…enjoy!

June 6, 2014
#todaysbunny is last bunny standing. It’s been fun!


June 5
Do Not Disturb! #todaysbunny is working on tomorrow’s bunny…


I love this one.
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June 4
#todaysbunny hangs with a pretty tough crew


June 3
#todaysbunny is OK with who he is right about now.


June 2
#todaysbunny has no comment.

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Bunny Round Up V

June 1
Radical rabbit will continue the fight from the gulag! Viva the revolution! #todaysbunny


May 31
Crouching Bunny, Hidden Dragon #todaysbunny


May 30
#todaysbunny gonna dance like no one is watching. You should too! #dance


May 29
Wow. #todaysbunny gave me an earful over the mediocrity of this one. #badday


May 28
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May 27
Scheduled power outage. #todaysbunny is not amused.

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May 26: One Month of Bunnies

Bunny Roundup IV

May 25, 2014
#todaysbunny is a morning bunny. Bah humbug!


May 24
#todaysbunny brought to you by Roland


May 23
Snowshoe hare meets snowstorm #todaysbunny


May 22
#todaysbunny is fittin’ in…

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May 21
Bwummy? Wwat bwummy? #todaysbunny


May 20
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May 19
Shhhhh! It’s a holiday. #todaysbunny


Bunny Round Up III

May 18, 2014
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May 17
I’m here for the audition. Hello? Anybody? #todaysbunny

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May 16
Transformers… Bunnies in disguise! #todaysbunny


May 15
Hygiene challenged? #DustBunny #todaysbunny


May 14
#todaysbunny had a point. A lot of them actually…


May 13
You can’t see me! #todaysbunny


May 12
Hungry? Hossenfeffer for all! #todaysbunny


Bunny Round Up II

May 11 Happy Mother’s Day everyone! #todaysbunny


May 10 Feeling just a little bit square. #notcool #todaysbunny


May 9 Umm, I heard there was an opening? #todaysbunny?


May 8 Late? I don’t think so! #todaysbunny

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May 7 Ummm, I’m confused… #todaysbunny