A new look at old art

I got a new stylus today for my iPad and thought I’d try it out. Using Adobe’s Ideas app I tried sketching a few things. Finally I settled on the old Web of My Own Devise and here are the quick results, drawn, sized, converted and uploaded from the ipad… Not too bad.

Later at work I added the transparency back in and sized it appropriately for a final, clickable piece of ‘art’.

The png file has to be RGB and unfortunately the shadowbox theme won’t work as black on black is … well… black. Here’s a link to see the image without the shadowbox.

More Art

Using Adobe Ideas I am exploring iPad doodling. To get them online I had to take a screenshot (hold down power, click button). We’ll see how the resolution turns out.

The Next Day…

I played a bit with iDraft which is not vector based and has the virtue of being able to save to the photo album on the iPad directly. Unfortunately it is much more of a sketching program and not so suited to my style. Still I might adapt…

And More

Sketchbook Mobile X is a free iPhone app that I added to the iPad. It offers a bit more control although I don’t like the interface as yet. The iPad app is $7.99 which is overkill I think for what I’m looking for. Here’s a quick sketch:

iPad sketches

I think I’m gonna have to add another category. I hummed,hawed and researched and finally decided that while Sketchbook Pro gave me everything I wanted, it also gave me too much. I’d rather opt for the simplicity than the versatility that I will likely never use… Rather the opposite of my attitude towards computers etc. And oddly enough using the same logic.

I went for Brushes. Still $7 or so but a cleaner interface and more than enough power for my simple tastes. Here’s a quick fish for you angler-files out there…

And it Drags On, and On, and on …

The brushes program for my iPad has a movie export feature so I thought I would try posting the process. This is by no means how I usually sketch, but since I thought I would try and do something deliberately instead of off the cuff I used three layers to get the final result. In the end it’s not quite satisfying because by trying to accomplish ‘something’, I generally make it a bit lopsided instead of organic… oh well…

The final product:

The movie: