A good day.

In case you are wondering, this is what sets my standard for a good day.

The St. Albert Yard

When we bought the house in St Albert we got the biggest yard we could find and started from scratch. I loved it for almost seven years before my interest wained and it got away from me. This is 2003, about year three.

Nothing to say.

So have a picture!

06 - Bruce's car

1973 Mercury Montego MX Brougham;  a 400 Ford 2bbl, slotted magnesium rims with 60 wides on the front and 50 wides on the rear. Diamond tufted, crushed velvet interior, chrome and wood steering wheel, and  fairly decent Pioneer stereo.

My first car.


Random Treat

I’ve had a cold all week. I still ave a cold but at least I no longer feel like a turgid pink balloon filled with semi-solid mush rolling down multiple long flights of freezing cold metal stairs.

So today I am bring back an old favourite; Random Picture of the Day. My iPhoto library now holds 19,724 images. I am way behind on my culling so I figure a couple of thousand of those are garbage, but still, I might hit 20,000 this year or maybe next.

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A Call for Comments

I restarted my Google analytics because the tracking code had gotten lost in my redesigns. So far I have peaked at 13 visitors in a day (and they were probably all me) but I need more data for any more significant figures. Last year I had slightly over 1000 unique visitors with about 55% of them returning at least once.

I need more feedback people, so I am going to post a picture of me and all of you readers are going to comment on it…


Suggested topics: the haircut; the cars, Dale’s shirt, Dale’s Keds, my mother’s cruelty in giving the leash to my brothers, the look on my face, make up your own! Hell, comment on past posts if you must, but comment. Even if you have no idea who I am…I like mysterious strangers too.


An old picture of us boys in what I suspect was the Steinberg's parking lot.

An old picture of us boys in what I suspect was the Steinberg’s parking lot.

Action: Screen Test

Some ideas we were playing with to sharpen up/learn some skills. It’s pretty rough stuff, mostly just proof of concept, but it got the idea across. We didn’t get much done in time for this past Xmas, but watch out for next year!

The video was shot with an iPhone 5 and composed in Adobe Premiere. The stills were shot with a Nikon D200, roughly edited in Adobe Bridge and put together in Premiere.

Click to play…


A Good Crop


Taken out on the farm in Redwater a couple of summers ago, this is one of my favourite images. Every time I come across it I smile because of its overall attitude and mood, and then I always start noticing the great light,  composition and balance (purely serendipitous, let me assure you). L, the smallest of the three focal points, gets the strong highlight. C’s elevated position, although in shadow, moves her forward in the viewer’s perception, and in the foreground, F’s larger size and strong isolated profile serve to underscore his presence.  All three are then framed by the shape of the trees and contrast of shadow and light.

I thought I might try a few crops and see what shifting our triad around the frame and changing the crop ratio might accomplish. I tried to stick to the traditional 2/3 rule and ignored my ‘favourites’ in deference to variety. As you can see, some crops just didn’t work, while others served to change the overall impression the image gives.

A traditional, more or less 4:3, crop

crop 3 crop 2  crop 1

A widescreen 16:9 crop

= 16x9-1


= 16x9-3

The newly fashionable ‘Instagram’ square crop

square 4  square 2  square 3