Pivot Left and Blow


Brian Webb Dance Company tonight at the Citadel. They are presenting Kidd Pivot who we saw previously at the Citadel in 2010.

The show is called Tempest Replica and is based on themes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.


Almost a full house. And a guy folding paper boats. Hmmm.


Well Leslie loved it. I was kinda meh. Always worth the price of admission though.

Wayne -ly


Wayne Lee the hypnotist tonight as a fundraiser for a friends nursery school. Second time I’ve seen Wayne. I will never. NEVER. Volunteer for one of his shows.

Funny funny stuff.

Fuzzy in the Chair

Dinner and music at The Blue Chair featuring Le Fuzz.


Le Fuzz is Frank Bessai and Thom Golub and company. I know Frank as he is Diane’s son and she used to talk about him ll the time in classes and Thom is Leslie’s second cousin.

The food was so-so but the world beat was fun and we grooved a bit. We caught the early show so we’ll be in bed by 11.

Dance. Company.

Back at the Timms for bwdc’s presentation of The 605 Collective. We missed the first show of the season last week so I had no excuse to skip out on this one.




And I’m so glad I didn’t. It was beautiful, energetic and entertaining. One of those presentations you find yourself wondering if it was the choreographer or the dancers who were capturing your attention; and inevitably concluding it didn’t matter.


Studio Theatre’s first effort is August Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata: first year fodder for me. Eventually I’ll see all the plays I read in university. But I’ll be pretty damn old.



Middlin’ Medea


Studio Theatre’s last show is Medea as suggested by Euripides… whatever that means. The house is let in with a couple of actors playing in the sand centre stage. Hmmmmm


Ah. Well. Blech.


Studio Night

Jamie Durie by day and a Jonathon Christenson creation called Whisper by night.

Jamie Durie at the Enjoy Centre

Tonight we are at the second last Studio Theatre show. It’s been a great season so far… I absolutely loved Yellow Moon. Hopefully this one will keep up the momentum.


Well it was a visually spectacular show and a joy for everyone participating except the audience. The script left me flat. The acting, design, direction kept me in my seat.

There you go…


Dance Night


Another Brain Webb show at the Timms. Looks to be a quiet one…not a lot of people here in the lobby.

Sylvain Ăˆmard Danse presents Fragments Volume. It’s got a fog machine!



While I really appreciate modern dance, it is choreography like this that really makes me believe our society is on the bored side of decadent.

Oh Dougie Boy


Today Leslie dragged me to hear Douglas Gibson talk. He’s speaking about the people he has worked with and his book ‘Stories about Storytellers’


A charming speaker with an interesting viewpoint and huge history in the publishing world. The more he speaks the more I am aware that the golden age of publishing is over. He paints a picture. Very reminiscent of the NHL I remember. A time of heroes and bigger than life personalities that has been replaced by big ticket stars and diminishing returns.

La la la la lycanthrope

Brian Webb’s next presentation is La La La Human Steps at the Jube. I’m sure I’ve seen this Montreal company before but it beats me when.


In the 1000+ seat theatre, Akemi and Carmen are sitting one row up and 3 seats over. Yup.


Simply stunning use of light. The best lit dance show I have ever seen. The dance was ballet based with a real energy and edgy vibe. The live musicians were fun, enchanting and expressive all at once.

Well worth braving the -30 weather…