I am afraid of Virginia Wolff

Edward Albee. Studio Theatre. I am here.

So here I am at the theatre waiting for the show to begin. Hopefully it will be everything one would expect from a classic. I am ashamed to say I have seen very little of these classics plays. I guess you have to choose between the new works and the old ones.

Act1. Pretty damn good. Albee lives up to his reputation.

Act2. Muthafucker

Act3. There is no whale!

Conclusion: Albee kicks ass.

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Bring it on…

Robert Bringhurst visited Edmonton and gave a free talk on the pleasure of type.

A little pompous, but interesting in a philosophical way.

Going from Arabic to Latin penstrokes. The talk starts to to get interesting when considering what typographers did to cursive to simplify the letterforms.

Next a study of Latin (Cicero) and cramming the letters together for the sake of conserving papyrus vs. the 9th century version that emphasizes the pacing of the oral text. Thus typography and the scribe’s job becomes the representation of oratory.

Rhetorical and oratory vs editorial.

A Navaho story broken in 4 parts with sub parts and an epilogue represented vs a more linear representation of the same story.

But the linear version is more representative of the ebook of the future with no page breaks, endnotes, footnotes etc.

The relationship between the hand and the word. Writing is drawing. We now drive instead of walking but can we forsake the skill of walking. Inevitabley we must collapse upon ourselves and relearn the skill of the hand.

Or so Robert Bringhust posits…

Marlene on the Wall

Suzanne Vega tonight at the Arden in St Albert. Acoustic guitar and a bass but the songs run pretty true to my aural expectations.

She’s taking requests by Twitter for the second half so if I’m lucky I will get Blood Makes Noise

That Ain’t No Cuba Libra

Last dance show of the year. Litz Alfonso Dance Cuba ‘Elementos’ at the Arden. Live Cuban band, so it should be lively anyway.

Well turns out I didn’t like. Reminded me of something halfway between a dance recital and a cruise ship show. Blech.

Tom Wood’s Menagerie

Despite all my conniving, Leslie has managed to drag me off to the Citadel’s Glass Menagerie. AND at the last moment informed me it’s one of Tom Wood’s productions. I’ve had a hate on for Mr Woods since forever, but what he did to Chekov (Uncle Vanya) was the last straw.

So to recap: seen the play too many times; Tom Wood sucks; I’ve been played for a fool.

Oh, and it stars Fiona Reid. Who is the female Gordon Pinset… all Canadian, all the time. And I mean ALL the time… everywhere, like a rash, only bigger and more annoying.

But it’ll probably be fine. Really.

OK… Fiona good, Khalid bad. Who’s Khalid you ask? I guess we’ll have to ask Tom…