Can you say disaster?

Well, we’re moving. Or at least I am. Zak’s still working and not packing and Leslie’s up to here eyeballs in marking still.

But I’m puttering along by myself. Sam’s already moved and freaked out and Art is left behind with Zak and freaked by the lack of furniture. We are supposed to be done by Xmas but I doubt it.

Anyway, this is the remnants of our old home. I’ll post some pics later of the new one…

Tweet’n and Condos

I just noticed that the new twitter doesn’t list your retweets as actually tweets; I guess I will have to change how I retweet or see if there is some other shenanigan I can do to make this stupid computer obey! Here’s a sample of what I retweeted this week:

EnjoyCentre Hole’s Enjoy Centre
by BruceKeith
With these pastries, you know the Enjoy Centre won’t ever be just a garden centre!
9 hours ago

HolesOnline Hole’s Greenhouses
by BruceKeith
Come to “Hole’s for the Holidays Open House” Tuesday, November 9 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Jump start the season…
1 Nov Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

seancranbury Sean Cranbury
by BruceKeith
Dear #twitter #book #spammers: I DO NOT care about yr Fabulous Discounts on #bestsellers. I pay full price for good ideas & you have none!
1 Nov

HartHanson Hart Hanson
by BruceKeith
Writing badly is not an enjoyable pastime.”Fix it later” is not a good motto. “Power through” is for punching not writing.Yet that’s my day.
27 Oct

learnpublishing Suzanne Norman
by BruceKeith

In other news, we got possession of the condo: Check out the gallery for final pics…